For many years, the Wiesmann sports car manufactory and the Wiesmann Club, founded by Martin and Friedhelm Wiesmann and its first president Horst Perschau, organized events for their customers and members, which were great fun for everyone involved and allowed many new friendships to develop. We at BOLDMEN would like to continue this tradition and organize extraordinary events to which we invite both BOLDMEN and WIESMANN owners and their companions.

In autumn 2024 we will announce a new BOLDMEN / WIESMANN event for spring 2025.


Both share a love of sports cars that stand out pleasantly from the crowd of industrially manufactured vehicles and express the personality of their drivers. The retro design of the WIESMANN sports cars stands out more than ever from the uniform streetscape, the BOLDMEN is a more modern interpretation of the myth of the classic roadster and meets all contemporary requirements with flying colours. Both brands are also linked by BMW technology.

We claim to organize and carry out events of a special kind. This starts with the selection of special destinations, with the most scenic routes to get there, with the selection of extraordinary hotels and restaurants as well as with built-in highlights that provide surprises of the positive kind. To this end, key topics are defined to ensure that every owner of these sports cars and their companions is offered an event according to their personal preferences over the course of a year: sports, art and culture, pure nature, food and drink, beauty and wellness, castles and palaces, architecture, manufactories and industrial highlights, pure driving pleasure - or a combination of several focal points.

The first BOLDMEN / WIESMANN event was organized by the BOLDMEN team and took place from September 23rd to 26th 2023. We drove our sports cars along the most beautiful roads in Bavaria and Tyrol, let ourselves be pampered at the Hotel Stanglwirt near Kitzb├╝hel and reached a hut in the mountains high above Zell am See, where such a collection of exclusive sports cars had never been seen before. The focus was on the topics of pure nature, food and drink as well as pure driving pleasure. The WIESMANN owners reported on their event experiences of earlier times, the BOLDMEN owners on their sports car past and on their way to their BOLDMEN, which also carries a WIESMANN DNA - full of harmony among like-minded people who want to enjoy life away from everyday life to the fullest and experience pure driving pleasure.

The pictures of the first BOLDMEN / WIESMANN event can only convey impressions, but cannot reflect the excellent, friendly atmosphere that brought great joy to everyone and at the same time triggered the anticipation for the second BOLDMEN / WIESMANN event in spring 2024. The BOLDMEN team will do everything they can to surpass the first event. The planning for this has already begun.