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BOLDMEN is not a start-up

In 1985, the brothers Martin and Friedhelm Wiesmann began developing their first sports car, which later went down in automotive history as the Wiesmann Roadster MF 3. Four more models were gradually presented to professionals and car enthusiasts.

Harald and Michael Käs put off their masterpiece years ago with their Everytimer 02 Cabriolet and proved to the experts that they can build a sports car with a carbon body of the highest quality of detail purely by hand.

The joint experience of many years has been incorporated into the development of our BOLDMEN CR 4 / CR 4 S, taking into account very difficult legal requirements, and makes it a roadster whose quality of detail cannot be surpassed. Specialists in their field lend a hand in the construction of this sports car and are rightly called artists, artists of the craft.

Important Message

The major automotive companies are investing billions in electromobility, autonomous driving and digitalization, and are increasingly removing uneconomical niche models from their ranges. Roadsters and convertibles are particularly affected by this, which have to make way for "reasonable", but at the same time rather boring mass vehicles. At the same time, roadsters offer pure driving pleasure, are significantly more stable in value and, due to their low weight and better CW value (wind resistance coefficient), considerably more economical than comparable sedans or even SUVs in terms of performance.

Our BOLDMEN CR 4 / CR 4 S is one of the BEST SPORTS CARS in the world (AUTO BILD sportscars, issue 02/2023). The performance data are convincing (408 or 500 hp *, 8-speed Steptronic sports transmission, paddle shifters), the quality of detail is masterful and the exclusivity cannot be surpassed due to the small quantities.

Each of these roadsters is built according to the individual wishes of our customers. The combination of top German engineering services with German craftsmanship - handmade in Germany - creates a unique product that you should experience live. Germany's small but fine sports car manufacturer stands for quality: a carbon body and a handmade interior, which can be made in more than 600 colours, colour and material combinations by specialists in their field.

If you would like to get to know our BOLDMEN CR 4 / CR 4 S in detail and also take it for a test drive, please contact us.

The live experience will delight you.


Consumption NEDC combined: 7,2 l / 100 km
Consumption urban NEDC: 9,2 l / 100 km
Consumption extra-urban NEDC: 6,0 l / 100 km
Consumption WLTP combined: 7,9 l / 100 km
CO2 – emissions combined NEDC: 164 g/km
CO2 – emissions combined WLTP: 181 g/km
Efficiency Class: D
Exhaust Emission Standard: Euro 6 D


With the market launch of the BOLDMEN CR 4, we have launched the special edition FIRST THIRTY No. 01/30 – 30/30, which is now numerically assigned.

Each roadster in this edition was visibly marked inside and out and will always be something very special in the market – more exclusivity is hardly possible. After the discontinuation of this special series, new ideas are needed that  do justice to the brand's core values of EXCLUSIVITY and INDIVIDUALITY – pure driving pleasure is always included.

The positive response from interested parties during presentations and test drives has prompted us to  build UNIQUE PIECES of the BOLDMEN CR 4 / CR 4 S to order from now on, which is certified to every buyer by a CERTIFICATE.

An ordered exterior colour remains protected in combination with the desired leather (material and colour) and will not be available a second time – every buyer is therefore guaranteed to receive a UNIQUE PIECE. Such an offer is unique and can only be made by a manufactory, for a mass manufacturer it would be unthinkable. It will have a very positive influence on the value retention of all INDIVIDUAL PIECES.

In addition, an illustrated documentation of all the manufactory's work steps on the handmade roadster is included.

You can get to know the BOLDMEN CR 4 / CR 4 S, just contact us using the contact details provided. We give you a live experience and are sure you will be surprised how good this roadster is. It is no coincidence that trade journalists have ranked him among the BEST in the world (AUTO BILD sportscars, issue 2/2023).

There are values that remain, including handmade individual pieces such as special watches or extraordinary jewellery, but also sports cars of a special kind – handmade in Germany.